Advisory Board and Presidents' Council

   Advisory Board Members:

Jim Atkinson
Jim M. Gregory Jr.
Al Hascall
Sue Sheriff
Senior Employees and Retirees
Per the Bylaws, the Advisory Board shall consist of all Past National Presidents of the Pioneers who are in good standing. 
Ideally, there are 5 members on the Advisory Board consisting of Past National Presidents. If there is less than 5, the members of the Advisory Board can elect a member to the Board. In 2016, the Advisory Board members elected Mary Fowler to be on the Board. 
The current members of the Advisory Board determine/elect amongst themselves who the Chairman will be each year, for 2016, Paul Schmidt was the Chairman. 
The current Chairman shall call a meeting of the Advisory Board thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting to elect a new Chairman to serve for the ensuing year. The National Executive Board shall be notified of the results of the election so as to include that individual on all appropriate mailing lists. The Advisory Board Chairman may call meetings as deemed necessary to conduct the business of the Advisory Board.

The primary duty of the Advisory Board is to serve as the Nominating Committee for the candidate(s) for office on the National Executive Board. The Advisory Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the National Executive Board.

The Chairman of the Advisory Board shall have four (4) months prior to the Annual Meeting to contact each officer of the Executive Board to determine offices that will be vacated in the following year and notify all Chapters. Any Chapter or member may submit names of qualified nominees for these offices in writing, signed by the nominee and two (2) members. After consideration of all nominees, the Advisory Board shall notify the National Executive Board and all Chapter Presidents of the slate of candidates sixty (60) days prior to the Annual Meeting.

Candidates for the offices of the National Executive Board must be Pioneers retired from Delta Air Lines, Inc. or a company merged with or acquired by Delta Air Lines, Inc. A spouse or a surviving spouse of a Delta Pioneer who has been a member in good standing for five (1) years or more and has demonstrated a zeal for promoting the mission of the Pioneers through volunteer work and other activities may be considered to serve as an officer on the National Executive Board.

Advisory Board
Presidents' Council
Per the Bylaws, the Presidents' Council shall consist of the Presidents of all authorized Pioneer Chapters or the President can select one of their members to represent their chapter at the Annual Meeting.
ATL - Laura Christine                                
BOS - Jon "JJ" Maynard                           
CVG - Herb Bevington
DFW - Judy Bergstrom                            
DTW - Greg Secord                                 
IAH - Scottie Harlan                               
LIT - James R. Weddle
MCO - Richard J. Grace 
MSP -  Larry Triplett                       
MSY - Doug Suggs
ORD - James R. Crivolio
RDU - Robert "Bob" Pinney
SLC - Rodney Vogel
Presidents' Council Members:
2023 Chapter Presidents