The mission of the Pioneers is to maintain and strengthen the close friendships and associations of the members (both active and retired) and continue in some form their good will to Delta. Twenty chapters across the Delta system meet and plan activities. 
Regular membership shall be comprised of (a) retired employees of Delta Air Lines, Inc., (b) retired employees of airlines or other companies merged with or acquired by or a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, Inc., (c) active employees of Delta Air Lines, Inc., and companies owned by or a subsidiary of Delta Air Lines, Inc. who have at least 7 years of continuous employment, and (d) spouse or domestic partner of the above. A surviving spouse or domestic partner shall retain membership as long as annual dues are paid. All retirees and employees who have current active membership will retain membership regardless of the status of their company.

The Care Fund is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization offering financial assistance to Delta employees, retirees, and their survivors who face a severe financial hardship from an unforeseen and unavoidable crisis, including loss due to a disaster or catastrophic event.  Directed by an employee and retiree volunteer board of directors, grants are awarded based on guidelines established by the board.  Funding is provided by employee and retiree donations and fund raising events led by Champions around the world.
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The Trust is a non-profit organization 24,000 members strong, providing the best in Group Medicare Supplement, Prescription Drug, Dental and Vision benefits to age 65 or over retirees, spouses, and survivors of Delta (including pre-merger retirees, such as Northwest).  Benefits include a Silver Sneakers Fitness Program, Hearing Aid benefits, Travel Assistance, and more.  The Trust offers the financial security of stable year to year group premiums that do not vary by age or state.  Call a Personal Health AdvocateTM
who will compare the Trust Plan to any other you are considering at no cost, at 
1-877-325-7265, Option 2.

Insurance options for 2018 will be the current Hartford Insurance Plan and the New Georgia Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plan. To help make everyone aware of each plan's components plus prescription, dental and vision plans, the Trust plans to have a copy of the presentation given at the Insurance Trust Road Show held in Atlanta on October 25 on their website no later than Monday, October 30. Before you make your choice for next year, go to the website and view the presentation. 

DCW, founded in 1957, is a 501(c)(3) organization of former and active Delta flight attendants. Social events are scheduled annually from September through May with an annual fundraising event in March. DCW supports four (4) charities: CURE Childhood Cancer; Ladies Day Fund, Inc.; Pets for Vets (Atlanta Humane Society); and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. An annual member directory and monthly newsletter are published for members. Membership is open to all retired and active Delta flight attendants who worked/s in the Delta In-Flight Service Department for any length of service.

DGW is a social organization of retired Delta pilots and active Delta pilots who have reached the age of 50.  Benefits include a membership directory, a quarterly magazine, periodic local gatherings, and Annual Fall Reunion in a different Delta-served city featuring city tours, banquets and special events, an annual Atlanta area Christmas party, and starting in 2014 an annual Fly-In/Drive-In at the Peach State Airport in Williamson, GA.

DALRC is an advocate organization for retiree benefits and legislative issues at the state and federal levels.  It monitors issues such as Social Security, Medicare, prescription drug costs and offers members the opportunity to easily send messages of opposition or support to elected officials.  The organization is presently launching a new service, the DALRC Boarding Pass to Retirement, a program of resources to help members navigate through retirement.  Membership is open to all retirees, spouses, survivors, and active employees.

RAP is a charitable organization whose mission is to offer financial assistance to Delta's domestic retirees, spouses, and survivors, who through no fault of their own, have fallen on financial hard times due to health-related circumstances.  This non-profit organization is administered by volunteers who are Delta retirees, and is funded by donations from both active employees and retirees.
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The Community of Delta Retiree Organizations is comprised of seven (7) retiree organizations that are available to Delta retirees and survivors.  In addition to the Delta Pioneers, Inc., please see the information below regarding the remaining six organizations and their respective missions.
Senior Employees and Retirees