Details to be announced
at a later date.


Please complete the Convention Survey which is free form.
Send us your ideas and suggestions!

The convention is for all members!

You may remain anonymous if you wish to do so.

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Senior Employees and Retirees

We are seeking member's input concerning our National Annual Convention.

Please send your comments, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions to us via the Convention Survey form.

The National Board Officers are re-evaluating all aspects of the Convention:

What hotel would you like to see us use for the Convention? Should we change the venue and move it out of a hotel? If so, where? How do out-of-towners get transportation to/from the venue? 

Should we change the city location? If so, where? 

One of the Chapter Presidents suggested we hold the convention on a short cruise. What do you think about that idea?

What's the best month to hold the Convention? 

Best days of the week? How long should it be-1 day, 2 days, 3 days? 

What's the best time for the President's Meeting? Best time for the Annual Business Meeting? We need a minimum of 30 minutes between them if both are held on the same day. (Chapter Presidents prefer their own separate meeting.)

Should we have a sit down breakfast or lunch held in conjunction with a meeting? Should we have breakfasts and/or lunches rather than dinners? 

What would you like to see for a tour or activity? 

Who would you like to see as a guest speaker? 

If you haven't been attending the Convention, what changes would you like to see made that might influence you to attend future Conventions?

Do you have any other suggestions or ideas that we may review and consider?

We value your input and appreciate you taking the time to send us your opinions.