(info courtesy of AARP.ORG/Bulletin May 2018)
Privacy Concerns are Real, but No Need to Panic

Countless Facebook members threatened to dump the social network after it was disclosed that a political consulting firm improperly snagged profile information from millions of users.
In congressional testimony in April 2018, CEO Mark Zuckerberg vowed to protect Facebook users. But until changes are made, here's how to better protect yourself:
1. Run the privacy checkup. Click on the question mark icon at the top of your Facebook page and select Privacy Checkup.
Make sure only your friends can see your posts. Check your profile settings. Choose "Only Me" or "Friends" for everything.
Do not choose "Public" for settings.
2. Avoid Facebook games and apps. Many games and apps on Facebook require your name, our email address, and the names of your friends. Avoid those. If you're already using these apps and games, go to your Facebook Apps page. Click on the X next to any apps you want to remove.
3. Tighten other privacy settings. Go to your Facebook Privacy Settings and Tools page. Make sure only friends can see your posts. Choose "Only Me" or "Friends" to designate who can see your friends list, email address and phone number. Be sure that no search engine outside of Facebook can link to your profile.
4. Control ads and advertisers. You can stop getting ads generated by tracking your interests and activities. Go to your Ad settings section. Turn off the options for "Ads based on your use of websites and apps" and "Ads on apps and websites off of Facebook Companies."
Facebook has announced improvements to protect user privacy. The company is rolling out a centralized page for users to control privacy and security settings. Check Facebook's news feed for updates.

On a separate last note from someone who has worked fraud: fraudsters use different pieces of information to perpetrate 
fraud and identity theft including birth dates and/or social security numbers.
If you post your birthday in your Facebook settings for friends to see so that you may be recognized on your special day, 
you may want to consider removing the year and just post your month and day. 
Or you might also consider changing the day by a day or two as I do when registering in any company's program to receive
perks for participating in their surveys or for when it's my birthday. Protect yourself!        Sue Sheriff/webmaster/Delta Pioneers