A new travel parking lot for local ATL employees and accompanying airport shuttle changes will be introduced at the Atlanta General Offices (G.O.) campus on Feb. 1. The changes will, among other things, create more on-campus parking spaces for G.O. employees, maintain the convenience of an employee travel lot a short distance from campus and provide a limited weekday shuttle service between the G.O. and airport for visiting employees and MARTA riders.
Beginning Feb. 1, G.O. employees and visitors will enjoy access to an additional 600 parking spaces in the southeast section of campus made available by the closure and dismantling of the GOE lot. These additional parking spaces will provide much welcome relief for campus parkers who have recently experienced extremely full lots. Going forward, G.O. parking will be reserved for G.O. employees and G.O. and Flight Museum visitors. All other employees should park at one of the other local employee lots dedicated for their use.
For employee convenience, Delta will replace the GOE lot with another secure, airport-accessible parking lot reserved for local Atlanta employees traveling on company business or using their non-revenue travel privileges. The new Travel lot (TVL), located a short drive from the G.O. at the ExpressJet hangar facility at 990 Toffie Terrace Rd. (see map), will replace the GOE lot on Feb. 1 with approximately the same number of available parking spaces. The 24/7 airport shuttle service will also be relocated to the TVL lot from the GOE lot on Feb. 1. Parking at the lot and airport shuttle access will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to employees with ID.
Delta will also maintain direct, roundtrip shuttle service between the G.O. and the airport from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays for employees conducting business at or visiting the G.O. or Delta Flight Museum and for MARTA riders.
Please see below for additional helpful information about these changes. Complete, detailed information can also be found on a dedicated parking page of the Campus-ATL page on Deltanet. Printed reminders about these changes will be made available to GOE shuttle bus riders in the days leading up to the lot's closure.

GOE Parking Lot and Airport Shuttle
    •The GOE parking lot will close at 12 a.m. ET Feb. 1 and the GOE shuttle bus will no longer pick up from this location after this time. Employees coming to the lot will be redirected to the new TVL lot. 
    •The barrier fence and gate will be removed and spaces in the lot will be opened for the use of G.O. employees and visitors.
    •The TVL lot shuttle bus will continue to drop off (but not pick up) employees at the GOE lot parking shed through midnight on Feb. 8. This will allow the majority of employees who were traveling during the closure to retrieve their vehicle. 
TVL Parking Lot and Airport Shuttle
    •The TVL parking lot will open at 12 a.m. ET Feb. 1. It will be reserved for local, ATL employees requiring airport access for either company business or nonrevenue personal travel on a first come, first served basis. A list of paid off-airport parking options that offer Delta discounts can be found below if the lot is full.
    •The TVL lot is located next to the ExpressJet hangar facility at 990 Terrace Rd. and has a 24-hour guard shack for security. Delta ID is required to enter at all times. 
    •The 24-hour airport shuttle bus serving the TVL lot will begin at 12 a.m. ET Feb. 1 and will run thereafter in a continuous loop. Employees riding between the lot and the airport in either direction should board the 'TVL' bus. 
New G.O. Shuttle
    •The new G.O. airport shuttle bus (labeled G.O.) will begin at 7 a.m. ET Feb. 1 and will run between the airport and G.O. in a continuous loop weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET. It will not operate on weekends or holidays when the G.O. is closed for normal business. 
    •The shuttle will pick up/drop off outside the front entrance of the A-2 Building at the G.O. and on the lower level of the airport South Terminal.
Worldport Shuttle 
The Worldport Shuttle (labeled G.O.-TOC) will continue its current schedule and route from the G.O. (front entrance of the A-2 Building) to the TOC, from the TOC to the airport (lower level of the South Terminal), and from the airport back to the G.O. Monday through Friday from 7:10 a.m. to 6:40 p.m.
Please see the designated parking page of the Campus-Atlanta page on Deltanet for additional information about these changes.
New travel lot, airport shuttle changes coming to G.O. on Feb. 1 
Off-Campus Pay Parking Options in Atlanta

Is the Atlanta travel lot full? The following off-campus pay parking options offer discounts to Delta employees with IDs. Contact the lot directly for the most recent pricing information.
Note that company reimbursement for parking is not provided for personal travel.

Peachy Airport Parking
3100 Sylvan Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30354

The Parking Spot 1
2741 Camp Creek Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30337

The Parking Spot 2
3600 N Desert Dr.
East Point, GA 30344

Park 'N Fly
3950 Conley St.
College Park, GA 30337

Park 'N Fly Plus
2525 Camp Creek Parkway
College Park, GA 30337