check or credit card payment, 
mail paper form or renew online
This is a reminder asking you to check your dues expiration date to determine whether it is time for you to renew and pay your 2021 annual membership. If you receive the newsletter via email, the expiration date is shown following your name in the greeting portion of the email. For those who still receive a printed copy of the newsletter via U.S. mail, the dues expiration date will be found on the address label on the envelope. You can also contact your chapter president for this information. If the expiration date is 12/31/ means that it is time for you to renew your membership for the calendar year of 2021.If the expiration date shown is a date later than 12/31/21, then your membership status is fine. 

Member dues are due before December 31 each year for the next year. Members who have not renewed will be removed from the membership database effective April 1st,  unless your dues have been paid. 

The dues are $15.00 per year for all members regardless of age. The dues include your spouse. 
You may pay for more than one year if you wish to do so. 

A renewal form will be included in the November newsletter for those who wish to complete a paper form (please print clearly)and mail it with your check or credit card payment to the Delta Pioneers office in Atlanta. The address is listed at the bottom of the form.  You may also print a copy of the Membership Renewal form by clicking on the green button below. 

As of this year, you now have another option available to you - renew and pay online!!

​Please note: If you have enabled VPN Virtual Protection Network on your computer or any other such program DISABLE IT PRIOR TO USING THE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT SYSTEM. RESTORE IT AFTER COMPLETING THE TRANSACTION.

Click on the "RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP ONLINE USING CREDIT CARD PAYMENT" button in the red box below.
This is a  3 steps process: 
 1) complete the Web Membership Form online and hit the Submit button which emails your information to the Delta Pioneers office in Atlanta. 
2) Submit your information, Then hit your Back button until you return to the Web Membership Form. In the red box at the bottom of the form, 
 3) “Click Here” to pay your membership dues using the Square Delta Pioneers Online Store. You will see a picture of the earth. 
Click on "Renewing Member."
Select your preferred chapter, quantity (number) of years for membership dues, click "Add to Cart."
Review order, make any adjustments needed as to the number of years for membership dues being purchased, click "Checkout."
Complete the form with your full name, email address, phone number, and credit card information. This information is required to process your credit card payment. None of this information is retained in any computer, system, or file.
Your credit card number is not sent to the Delta Pioneers.
Add any (optional) note to the merchant (which is the Delta Pioneers), click "Place Order" which will then charge your credit card for the annual membership dues. A receipt and separate "order confirmation" for your purchase will be emailed to you and a receipt and separate "order received" will be emailed to the Delta Pioneers.

​This may seem like a lot of steps to take to renew online, but it's really very easy to do.  
As renewing membership online and paying with a credit card online are new options for members, the step-by-step guide above is being provided to assist those members who wish to renew online.  Save the stamp!!

Remember to clearly "print" your email address if mailing a printed renewal form to the office.

If you have any questions regarding membership, please contact your chapter President, email the office at, or call the office in Atlanta at 404-715-2827.  

Your quick response is greatly appreciated. 
Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!
NOTE:  Some chapters charge additional dues; they are not applied to your National membership in the Pioneers You can also contact your chapter president for this information.