A new item to think about (possibly some of you may have taken advantage of this already). (home page; email. 
I’ve heard of this before but never investigated it. One of my chapter members recently went on it.  
The program is free for all military veterans, the charge for a quest (spouse or child is $500.00). There are over 120 satellite locations where a veteran can call for information and apply. I, your newsletter editor Jim downloaded the application; it’s eight pages long and very comprehensive. 
Their mission is simple: Take care of the U. S Military Veterans. The flights are from numerous cities in the all 50 states to Washington, D.C. You are greeted by the staff of guardians and medical personal. The tours go to all of the war memorials in Washington, D.C. Meal service is provided along expert TLC for each veteran. Extensive medical care is also provided by qualified personal. If you need a walker or a wheelchair to get around, they will provide it and help you. The transportation is by motor coach with handicapped lifts. 
Unfortunately, the space is limited on the aircraft; so, putting a group together might not be possible. Once you send in the application and its processed, you’ll be advised of the travel date at your local airport. There is a unit to help those veterans who live out of a travel region. 
There are thousands of Delta Retirees / Pioneers who are military veterans. This is a great benefit we should try to use. I’m told the Welcome Home is something very speciaL.