National Executive Board Officers

Sue Sheriff

Sue began her 28 year career with Delta as a TPT in Pensacola, FL working the ticket counter. After one year, she was converted to permanent full time when she was the successful bidder in obtaining a job in the SATO (Scheduled Airline Ticket Office) program working at Aberdeen Proving Ground Army Post in Aberdeen, MD. When the airlines discontinued participation in the SATO program, she transferred to the Wilkes Barre-Scranton, PA Airport where she worked various departments as needed including all areas of customer service including ticket counter, gate, and lost baggage, air cargo, operations, and did the station daily sales reports. When Comair took over the flight schedules there, Sue transferred to Atlanta where she worked in the employee help desk known as GAC (Global Assistance Center) for 2 years. From there she transferred to the Finance Department performing audits of tickets issued by Delta agents. She was one of 4 employees chosen for a newly created fraud team known as the Revenue Protection Unit (RPU) where she initially performed internal audits and then was asked to work credit card fraud. Due to the nature of the work, the RPU team was 
re-positioned under Corporate Security. During her last 2 years, the company implemented using a program to detect and identify potentially fraudulent issued tickets. Sue was instrumental in teaching teams of RES agents in ATL, MSP, and DFW how to work credit card fraud and use the program resulting in a savings of over 50 million dollars for the company. Sue joined the Delta Pioneers when she retired in 2012.  She enjoys helping the Delta Pioneers organization be the best that it can be. Sue enjoys traveling anywhere/everywhere and especially loves cruising with her husband. Working fraud the last 10 years of her career made her aware of the huge problem that exists with fraud being committed against innocent people; especially older folks. When the opportunity arises, Sue continues to educate and enlighten folks with ways they can protect themselves from being a victim of identify theft and credit card fraud.

1st VP
Jon "JJ" Maynard

After eight years with Pan American in their Commercial Sales Department and ACS in New York and Boston, I was hired in 1974 by Delta in the Boston Reservations Office. For the next 40 + years, I had the best job in the world. I spent my early career in International Rates and Training Department. This progressed to assignments in both Asian (Taipei, Tokyo, Bangkok, Delhi and Hong Kong) and Latin American cities (Lima, Peru) where I opened our worldwide Reservations Offices as Delta continued to expand their International Service. In the 1990’s, I switched Departments and spent over four-and one-half years in Corporate Consumer Affairs in Atlanta working with our executives. After my term in Consumer Affairs, I was given the opportunity to manage our training department in Boston.
Additionally, during this time, I was the Regional Coordinator for the Delta Care Team (Crash Team). For which I coordinated the New York (JFK) Disaster team for the 1999 Swissair Crash in Nova Scotia.
On January 01, 2002, I retired but definitely did not wish to depart from Delta. I was first chosen to represent Reservations on the DALRC Board and quickly took over the directorship of the Delta Insurance Trust handling Health Insurance for our retirees aged 65 and over. After the Trust, I was instrumental in the formation of the Retiree Assistance Program for which I served as Director.
When I turned over the RAP/DALRC to its present management team, I was selected as one of the Directors for the Delta Employee and Retiree Care Fund for which I spent 6 years representing our retirees. As part of my responsibilities, I served as Coordinator between Delta and the American Red Cross.
For the last ten years, I have served as the President of the Yellowbird Chapter of the Delta Pioneers and finally, for the last two years I have served as an officer in the Delta National Pioneers. I’m still not ready for retirement.

2nd VP
Paul Schmidt
​Time at Delta: SEP 1979 – FEB 2005
1979 - I started working for Delta in DAB.
1981 - Moved to JAX
1983 - Moved to ATL
1985 - Moved to DFW where I was a lead agent for 3 years.
1993 - Moved to JAX
1995 - Moved to ATL
2005 - Retired

Time with Delta Pioneers:
I’ve been a member of the Delta Pioneers since OCT 1995.
I have held various positions on the Board of Officers:
5 years spent as National President
2 years spent as 2nd National VP - currently serving 3rd term
3 years spent as CFO

Time with ITDR and DALRC:
6 years spent with ITDR
2 years spent with DALRC

VP of Finance
Kathy Zolad

Al Hascall

VP of Membership
Jim Atkinson

VP of Communications
Sue Sheriff

​Sue enjoys maintaining the Delta Pioneers website, Facebook page, and creating the newsletters for the members. She wants all members to feel welcome to contact her with their input, suggestions, ideas, and comments.

Executive Secretary
​Larri Milligan

I started working for Delta Air Lines at the Landside ticket counter. I used to work on some of my days off at the bar in the Crown Rooms. Then I went to Dept 106 ACS Training in Atlanta. I was doing the automated training such as CBI’s and Annual Recurrent. The automated training group was moved into Dept. 993. We continued our coding work and developed many other mechanized CD-Rom training courses. Additionally, developed web based courses, edited the wave sound files, and tested the programming for all the courses too. 

Office Manager
Mary Fowler

Senior Employees and Retirees