Delta Travel 2020
 To help us get there, today we announced the 2020 Delta Voluntary Departure Programs, which will provide opportunities for active employees to consider retiring from Delta and joining your ranks. As part of this, we’re also announcing an enhancement to retiree travel that will apply to all current and future retirees. I’ve heard from many of you over the years about suggested enhancements to your privileges, and I’m pleased to share that we’re introducing an annual allotment of S3A flight days for Delta retirees and each of their eligible pass riders. The clearing of pass riders using S3A priority will be based on pass eligibility date and will move pass riders using S3A ahead of all S3B pass riders on the standby list. You can expect to see this new priority available for your use by the end of 2020. How the S3A standby priority works You and each of your eligible pass riders will receive an annual allotment of six (6) S3A priority flight days. Your eligible pass riders include you (the retiree) your, spouse/domestic partner/travel companion and dependent children under age 24. 
Your parents and nondependent children are not eligible to receive S3A flight days. The pass allotment will renew each year on your pass anniversary date. Unused S3A flight days do not rollover for use in future years. On the date of travel, S3A can be used by you or your eligible pass riders to move ahead of S3B pass riders on the standby list. When using an S3A flight day, you and your eligible pass riders will be added to the standby list above other S3B pass riders and among Endeavor and Delta Private Jets pass riders who are also eligible for S3A, though almost none of those employees have employment dates that can compete with yours. Clearing of nonrevenue passengers with the S3A standby code is based on pass eligibility date. 
If you have questions about your new S3A standby priority allotment, please reach out to the Pass Travel Call Center by accessing the “Contact Us” link on TravelNet to send an email or chat, or by phone at 1-800-MY-DELTA (1-800-693-3582) between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday. I hope you enjoy this enhancement to your retiree travel. On behalf of Ed and the entire Delta leadership team, thank you again for your contributions to Delta. Please stay safe and be well as you enjoy retirement. 
Sincerely, Delta Air Lines Management team 
S1A --- Emergency
S1 -----Relocation
S2 -----Priority (6 flight days)
S2B --- Honor Roll
S3 ----- Active DL
S3A --- Priority Retirees ( 6 flight days) (NEW) Near end of 2020
S3A --- Active 9E, OH
S3B --- Parent, Non Dependent, retirees, Survivor
S3C --- DC, DGS
S3CR –-Delta retirees on SkyWest flights
S3D --- Sky Team
S4 -----Buddy Pass, DC retirees & other Airlines (ZED