Any group of Pioneers that has been meeting for luncheons, dinners, or other gatherings and desires to become chartered as a Delta Pioneers Chapter may do so by contacting the Delta Pioneers National President and providing contact information and requesting an information packet. This group does not have to be located in a city served by Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Before a vote can be taken by the National Executive Board to accept this group as a Chapter, the following requirements must be met:

A minimum of ten (10) Pioneers members must commit to become Charter members of this new Chapter.

A President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer must be elected. The offices of the Secretary and the Treasurer may be combined as the office of Secretary-Treasurer.

All Charter members of this proposed Chapter must agree to abide by the National Bylaws.

A formal letter should then be sent to the National Executive Board requesting formal acceptance of this new Chapter. This letter should include:
1. Names of the Chapter officers.
2. A roster of all Charter members with home addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.
3. The name the Chapter wishes to use.
4. Meeting place, day, and time. If this is not a regular place, date, or time, indicate where and when  a meeting will be held and its purpose. There is no requirement concerning frequency of meetings; however, information about the intentions of the proposed Chapter will be helpful.
This request must be approved by the National Executive Board, and the new Chapter officers will be notified of acceptance of this request.

The Chapter President will receive a packet of information for the Chapter files that includes a roster of 
all current members of the Pioneers and a list of the National officers. The National Vice President of Finance will forward a rebate check in the amount of five dollars ($5) of the initial dues for each Charter Membership Record to the Chapter Treasurer to be used for start-up expenses.
Annually thereafter, upon receipt of the required report of the Chapter, the Vice President of Finance will forward a rebate check in the amount of five dollars ($5) for each Charter Membership Record to the Chapter Treasurer.

The National Executive Board is always available to assist with Chapter concerns.

Senior Employees and Retirees