(formed March 13, 2002)
SEA - Wally Bird Chapter - Seattle
President - John Bozinny 


A bit of information
Updated 9/10/2019

The PNW Wallybirds hold two events each year. 
The Summer Roost (picnic) and the Winter Roost at Billy McHale's located at 
1320 So 324th St. Suite A10 Federal Way, WA 98003.
The Winter Roost will be on Saturday, January 25, 2020 from 3PM-6PM.

The PNW Wallybirds subsidize the events from the treasury. The treasury is sustained by the yearly dues of paying members. We understand not all attendees are paying members of the PNW Wallybirds and we are alright with that. 

This year we would like to ask non-paying members who attend our Winter Roost at Billy McHale's to consider a voluntary donation to assist in our Winter Roost cost. This is strictly voluntary and if you do not feel comfortable with a donation, no problem. No one will approach you asking for money. It's up to you and it can be whatever amount you wish. 

If you decide to donate please leave your donation with either John Bozinny, 
Al Haylor, Cindy Dack, or Dave Saylor. All four will be at the function. 
Hope to see you there! 

JAN 25, 2020
Winter Roost
Billy McHale's
Celebration Center
1320 S. 324th St. Suite A10
Federal Way, WA 98003

         Chapter Meetings

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