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6-1-18      Nonrev Boarding Passes Go Paperless
6-1-18      Delta's Big Bright Vision for LAX Terminals
6-8-18      Delta Passenger Wins Battle Over a $500 Apple
6-25-18    Manage Dependents, Buddy-Pass Riders, Others on Self-Service 'My Dependents' tile
6-26-18    Baggage & Passenger Fees for Nonrevenue Leisure Travel 
7-23-18    Delta Care And Scholarship Funds Board of Directors Opening
7-23-18    Good News for the ZED Fare User
7-26-18    Delta Upcycling 350k Pounds of 'Retired Uniforms' into Travel Bags, Passport Covers
​08-02-18  ITDR Road Show - Suspended for 2018
9-18-18    Registration for Blvd BASH opens-register via DeltaNet
9-19-18    Delta Raises Checked Baggage Fees
9-20-18    Delta to Use Facial Recognition Atlanta's International Terminal
9-25-18    How to NonRev out of CDG
10-20-18  Blvd BASH (formerly known as the ATL Block Party)
11-9-18    Delta Vendor Change - Important News About Tax Statements
11-16-18  Delta Upcycle Project - Items Now Available for Purchase
11-29-18  Delta says USA's 'first biometric terminal' is ready to go at Atlanta airport
12-9-18    Santa is Coming to the Delta Flight Museum-check their website for information
12-11-18  Delta Air Lines to ditch zone boarding in 2019
12-18-18  Travel warning for 2019: The Real ID deadline is looming so get your paperwork ready
3-19-19   Trump nominates former Delta executive as FAA director
3-22-19   Hartsfield-Jackson Renovates Domestic Terminal Facade
4-17-19   Delta to Hire 500 Aircraft Mechanics
5-9-19     Delta Under Fire for Flyer in Campaign Against Union
5-23-19   Delta Flight Attendants Sue, Alleging Passport Plum Uniforms Cause Rashes
6-3-19     Hartsfield-Jackson Pedestrian Bridge Construction to Cause Overnight Road Closure
6-4-19     Trump admin imposes new travel restrictions on Cuba, banning cruise ships
6-5-19     Delta Honored to Fly Veterans to 75th D-Day Festivities in France
6-12-19   Delta Named Best U.S. Airline by Travel Expert Fodor's
6-26-19  Got a question or gripe about your Delta flight? Soon, you'll be able to 'text' for help.

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